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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Speciality 121 - Software engineering

maket-121.jpgITS Department graduates in the direction of «12 — Information Technologies» on specialties «121 — Software Engineering».


Educational qualification level:

Bachelor in Software Engineering - 4 years of training term.


Software Engineering - line training aims to develop software systems that work reliably and efficiently, cost of development and maintenance which are available and which meet the requirements put forward to them by the customer.

Today experts in software engineering is the most in demand in the labor market, among other experts in computer science, they take part in the development of domestic and international software projects and have decent pay for their work.

The demand for professionals with software engineering in the future will only grow!




















Speciality 122 - Computer Science

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Booklet of the ITS department of NMetAU

maket_its_2.jpgITS Department graduates in the direction of «12 — Information Technologies» on specialty «122 — Computer Sciences».


Bachelor in Computer Sciences — 4 years of training term.

Master in Computer Sciences — 1.5 years of training term.

PhD  4 years of training term.


Specializations for master:


Department prepares the masters in the following specializations:

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