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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Provedenyenauchnoho department seminar

23 November sotoyalsya the scientific department seminar on "Development and Study of technology of obtaining oksydnыh coatings for surfaces modyfykatsyy metallurgical instruments."

Speakers: aspyrant Kabatskaya V.

A scientific seminar of the Department

October 5 nauchnіy seminar on "Materials and surface treatment of metals, which are supplied PE" IAF CRS "on production of" Interpipe. "Nomenclature of the manufacturer. Characteristics. Mechanism of corrosion protection."

Speaker: Director of PE "CWT SVK", Prof. Panasenko, SA

Meeting in intellectual pond gostinnoy prof. Pinchuk s.I.

23.03.11g. in 1300 in intellectual pond gostinnoy professor Pinchuk s.I. meeting of students and employees of department took place with a young musician by Arthur Nikulinym. Theme of meeting: "In the world of music".

Leadthrough of scientific seminar of department

on March, 2 in 13:00, aud. 207 the scientific seminar of department will take place. Theme of seminar: "Digital videomikrovskopy of new generation.Master is a class. Speaker: tekhn.direktor CHp"mikrooptik" Komeda T.

Meeting in intellectual pond gostinnoy prof. Pinchuk s.I.

on March, 2 of 2011g. in 14:30 in intelektual'noy pond gostinnoy prof. Pinchuk S.I will take place meeting with the laureate of the International competitions V. Galichenko (violin). On vstechu students and teachers of department are invited .

Встреча в интеллектуальной гостинной

on December, 8 of 2010g. in 13:00 in intelektual'noy pond gostinnoy prof. Pinchuk S.I took place meeting with a laureate Mezhdunarodn³khkonkursov V. Galichenko (violin). On vsteche the students of the first and second course, and also teachers of department, were present.

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