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Chair history

In 1978 in Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute (DMetI) preparation of corrosion specialists was started, and in 1982 a department of metal protection from corrosion on the basis of the department of physical and colloid chemistry in accordance with a resolution of the Council of Ministers of USSR “Concerning the measures on strengthening fight with corrosion”.

 At the same time the output of manufacturing production of powder metallurgy at the Brovarsk plant  of powder metallurgy is growing, the plants on the metal powder goods production are being built in Kirovsk and Krements, the range of workshops and areas of powder metallurgy in Pridneprovsk-Donetsk region is spreading (the plants "Dneprospetsstal", “Pobeda Truda”, Yuxhnyi Mashynostroitelnyi and the others., an institute “UkrNIIspeststal”), a big amount of sections of dusting the wearproof, corrosion resistant and protective-decorative coatings is appearing. Their successful activity demanded staff assistance. In response to the demands of that time the department (1983) started to prepare the specialists on powder metallurgy and in 1988 it got the name “Department of Powder Metallurgy and Metal Protection”. By the present time the department has prepared 935 specialists (130diplomas with honours).

Development and wide learning of new high technologies demanded the necessity of developing and application of wide range of composite materials and also coatings of different applications –both as protective-decorative and functional ones.


In 2019 the department successfully passed the accreditation for the ΙV level of preparation of masters in the field of knowledge "13 Mechanical Engineering":

1. Specialty 132 "Materials Science", educational and professional program: "Composite and powder materials, coatings";

2. Specialty 136 "Metallurgy", educational and professional program: "Сorrosion  protection of metals".

 This corresponds the name “Department of Coatings, Composite Materials and Metal Protection”.

 Since 1978 the department workers have been headed by an academician of AIN and ANVSh of Ukraine, a recipient of prize in the name of G.V. Karpenko of NAS of Ukraine and Yaroslav the Wise of ANVSh of Ukraine, a professor, a Doctor of Engineering Petr Nikolaevich Ostrik. Having created and headed a scientific school, P. N. Ostrik prepared three Doctors and fourteen Candidates of Engineering, he also formed the department staff in which now 3 professors(Doctors of Engineering),  7 assistant professors (Candidates of Engineering), doctoral students and postgraduates, auxiliary educational staff  are working fruitfully.

 At present time the head of the department is an academician of ANVSh of Ukraine, an academician of New York Academy of Sciences, an honoured master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine, a Doctor of Engineering, a professor Pinchuk Sophia Iosifovna.

Under the direction of the professor S.I. Pinchuk and with sponsorship of JSC “Nizhnedneprovsk tube rolling mill” in 2002 a scientific and research laboratory of protection from corrosion (a chief of laboratory Candidate of Engineering A.O. Simonov) was created at the department. The main tasks of the laboratory are:

 • development of methods and means of increasing corrosive behaviour of metal production;

 • development of systems of diagnostics of corrosion behavior of metal production;

 • development of control systems of corrosion condition of constructions, equipment and goods of metallurgical industry under various operational conditions;

 • development of tools and methods of diagnostics of quality of anti-corrosive protection;

 • carrying out engineering tests of corrosive behavior of metal production in accordance with the requirements of normative and technical documentation.

 In accordance with modern tendencies of high school development and the requirements of the quality education level learning classrooms, an electrochemical laboratory and a laboratory of functional coatings have been created at the department, the learning laboratories, teacher rooms, workshops and auxiliary rooms are reconstructed and equipped with the modern techniques. The conditions for independent work of students with computers, a department library of special and scientific-methodological literature are created.

At the department much attention is paid to the spiritual upbringing of students. Poetical and the other creative meetings are held in the “intellectual living room” that was organized by the department.


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