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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

The history of department

 DEPARTMENT OF ELEСTROMETALLURGY vas founded in1924 in structure of metallurgical faculty of the Dnipropetrovs’k college of mines, and with 1930 - the faculty is structural division of the Dnipropetrovs’k metallurgical institute (nowadays National metallurgicalacademyofUkraine).  

 The founder and the first head of faculty in 1924-1943 years there was a Honored worker of a science and techniques of RSFSR, dr., professor Stepan Ivanovich Telnyj (1890-1962); during 1944-1973 years the faculty was headed by the Honored worker of a science and techniques of Ukraine, dr., professor Spiridon Iosifovich Hitrik (1895-1980) . Since 1973 the faculty is headed by the Honored worker of a science and techniques of Ukraine, academician National Academy sciencis of Ukraine, the Foreign member of the Russian Academy of sciences, the Foreign member of the Academy of sciences of Georgia, the Honorary member of the National Academy of sciences of Republic Kazakhstan, the academician of the Academy of sciences of the Higher school of Ukraine,, professor Gasik Michael Ivanovich.

 In state of faculty six, dr.sci.Tech., professors: V.A. Gladkih, A.N. Ovcharuk, J.S. Projdak, L.B. Medovar, A.G. Grinshpunt, V.L. Zubov, four, senior lecturers: O.G. Gantserovsky, A.N. Golovachyov, A.P. Gorobets, I.V. Derevjanko, A.V. Zhadanos,  V.F. Lysenko, O.I. Poliakov,  assistant E.I. Tsibulja, leading scientific employee, V.K.Rudenko; the senior scientific employees: S.N. Kilesso, A.D. Pereverzev, scientific employee I.V.Tsvetkov, the younger scientific employee I.V.Trunov, three post-graduate students: A.V. Ruban, A.J. Projdak, A.J. Taran.  

 The significant contribution to development of faculty was brought by former employees of faculty:, professors: B.I. Emlin, E.I. Kadinov, A.V. Koval, I.P. Kozachkov, V.A. Kravchenko, A.G. Kucher, P.F. Mironenko, A.N. Porada, V.M. Shifrin, N.M. Chujko;, senior lecturers: V.F. Gorbachev. R.E. Danichek, А.P. Em, V.A. Manko, A.T. Perevjazko, J.V. Chepelenko; A.V. Ventskovsky, V.E. Vlasenko, V.A. Gavrilov, V.D. Goncharenko, M.A. Karpov, V.A. Kravtsov, J.V. Lagunov, V.S. Petrunov 

 The set of former employees of faculty works in various structural divisions NmetAU, in other scientific institutions, at the enterprises of nonferrous metallurgy:, professors:JU.A. Nefedov,O.V. Rabinovich,,professors V.S. Ignatyev,O.L. Kostiolov;,А.V. Bublikov,I.I. Vodin,J.A. Galitsky,N.V. Gizenko,P.А. Em,V.G. Ivanov,V.V. Kashkul,V.V. Kozak,V.T. Kolomoets,L.M. Livshits,V.A. Lizogub,A.M. Morozov,V.V. Odintsov,E.O. Ostrijko,O.D. Piontkovsky,V.I. Pogorelyj,A.I. Pogrebnjak,U.V. Sadovnik,I.A. Semenov,I.B. Sokolovskaja,V.N. Turovsky,V.M. Fedorinchik.  

 The scientific school of electrometallurgists ofUkraine has been founded by, professor S.I.Telny. The basic directions of scientific activity of S.I. Telny have been devoted to development of the theory of a volt arch of electric furnaces and development of a design of furnaces with a rotary arch. The further mainstreams of development of electrometallurgy are connected with such known scientists, as, professor S.I.Hitrik (the theory of power and material balance electro swimming trunks of ferroalloys, the theory of pumping out of melting ferrochrome, metal manganese); N.M. Chujko (development of the ionic-molecular theory of a structure slag alloys);, professor B.I. Emlin (creation of a new direction in the field of reception of economically alloyed aluminum alloys and ligatures the raised capacity);, professor I.P. Kazachkov (development of the theory ladle alloy steel). The significant contribution to development of electrometallurgical manufacture is made at performance of research works under direction of, professor A.G. Kucher,, senior lecturer J.V. Chepelenko,, professors V.M. Shifrin and E.I. Kadinov. With 1973 heads the Ukrainian school of electrometallurgists academician NАS of Ukraine,, professor M.I. Gasik.  In scientific and scientific and pedagogical activity of faculty it is necessary to carry to the major achievements such: creation of the modern theory of restoration oxides materials carbon and silicon, disclosing chemism and the mechanism of process of restoration at reception of manganous, chromic and silicon ferroalloys, disclosing of the nature of chemical communication of phosphorus, silicon and manganese, an establishment of the mechanism spilling high based slags and identification of phase and mineralogical structure natural and artificial materials on the basis of manganese, construction of the volumetric and partial diagram of condition MnO-SiO2-CaO; an establishment of the mechanism of interaction of carbon and silicon in manganous and chromic alloys, expose new metal phases, conditions of their formation and interrelation between chemical and phase structure of connections; creation of scientific bases vakuumtermik hard phase refinements of ferroalloys and restoration super firm oxides in vacuum and development of technology of reception super qualitative ferrochrome and alloys on the basis of rare land materials; Development of a soda way dephosphoratons manganous ores, process of reception low phosphor manganous slag continuous process, silikomanganese and ferromanganese in super-power ellectricalferroalloys furnaces carbonthermic a method; development of technology of recycling of secondary materials and technological waste of own manufacture at melt silicomanganese and carbanaceous ferromanganese; creation of the theory of a structure of steel-smelting slags in view of ions and not dissociated molecules, disclosing of behavior of hydrogen and nitrogen during electro swimming trunks became also development technological rules regulations of quality of electrosteel of special purpose; creation of the theory of modifying of abrasive corundum, development of process continuous swimming trunks of electro corundum and the rules of regulation of quality of abrasive grain; Development and realization in the industry of new process and the equipment for reception silicon carbide and nitride of a pine forest, and also process of melt of ferroalloys on the basis of a pine forest and the titan a carbonthermal method; development and introduction in the industry of technology of silumin reception with distensilimanit application and the fulfilled catalysts of the chemical industry, development of the theory updating of alloys on the basis of aluminum and silicon, development of new alloys for the automobile and tractor industry, development of the new concept of formation of self-burning electrodes, designing electrical ferroalloys furnaces and definition of production schedules of accident-free long-term work super-power ferroalloys furnaces.  

 The history of faculty is noted by many outstanding events: 1925 - graduates of faculty L.I. Arons, A.P. Ionov have developed the industrial electro steel-smelting furnace first in the USSR; 1934 - at a factory «Dneprospetcstal» in change of the graduate of faculty JU. A. Shulte the first is executed melting stainless steel. Within Great Patriotic War power of our Native land strengthened labour achievements in the field of S.I. Hitrik's metallurgy - on Chelyabinsk ferroalloys a factory, and N.M. Chujko - on Kuznetsk a metal works and this work was the contribution to business of the Victory in Patriotic War; 1962 - the faculty has begun preparation of students on a new speciality - « Metallurgy of nonferrous metals »; 1965-1967 years - employees of faculty took par in designing and working off of technology productions ferroalloys on Nikopol ferroalloy plant; 1966 - at faculty the problem laboratory of ferroalloys is organized; 1978 - decision Ministry of ferrous metals, Minelectrotechprom and Ministry of high school the USSR on faculty creates branch laboratory of electro thermal processes and installations (manager. A lab. V.V. Kashkul, the supervisor of studies -, professor M.I. Gasik); 1980 - Decision Ministry of high school and the Ministries of nonferrous metallurgy on faculty creates branch laboratory electrothermical aluminum alloys (manager. A.V. Ventskovsky, the supervisor of studies -, professor B.I.Emlin). 1974-1975 - for the first time interuniversity complex degree designing with participation of metallurgical, mountain, building, chemical-technological and medical institutes. 1982 - M.I.Gasik is elected member-correspondent National academy of sciences of Ukraine; 1984 - on Nikopol plant of ferroalloys is organized branch of faculty; in 1990 - M.I.Gasik is elected academician National academy of sciences of Ukraine; 1993 - faculty resumption preparation of experts on a speciality 7.090402 metallurgy of nonferrous metals; 1994 - begins preparation of experts on a speciality 7.090405 electrothermical of inorganic materials; 1994 - at the Zaporozhye abrasive combine is organized branch of faculty (the head -, professor A.N. Porada); 2004 - М.I. Gasik it is elected the academician of the Russian Academy of sciences; 2006 - M.I. Gasik is elected the academician of the Academy of sciences of Georgia; 2006 - M.I.Gasik is elected the Honorary member of the National Academy of sciences of Republic Kazakhstan. 

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