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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Chemical technology of fuel and refractories",
speciality: 161 - Chemical Technology and Engineering


bachelor (6.0916), specialist (7.091605), master by profession (8.091605)



Chair MTV lets out: bachelors - a speciality 6.0916"Chemical technology of fuel and carbonaceous materials"; experts in a direction 7.091605"Chemical technology of fuel and carbonaceous materials"; masters in a direction 8.091605"Chemical technology of fuel and carbonaceous materials". Takes part in preparation of bachelors, experts and masters of a direction "Chemical technology of refractory nonmetallic and silicate materials".

Training on a speciality "Chemical technology of fuel and carbonaceous materials" allows to receive qualification of the master, the expert or the bachelor and to work at the enterprises making metallurgical fuel, reducers and chemical products which are formed at processing of combustible minerals.

On chair of Metallurgical fuel and reducers students master effective methods of planning and the organization of manufacture of fuel, catching and processing of chemical products, researches in the field of processing of combustible minerals, the technical decisions providing reception of quality production learn to make.

Profound knowledge thermal, hydromechanical and mechanical processes allows our graduates to investigate, improve, operate technological processes of processing of combustible minerals, clearings of industrial gases and sewage, to provide ecological safety of manufacture, to expand a spectrum of use of production wastes.

Chair MTV conducts work on updating and improvement of material base of educational process, expansion of use of modern technologies of training, wide introductions in educational and scientific work of students of computer technics and technology.

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