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Was born on June, 11, 1937 in Dnepropetrovsk city. Engineer - metallurgist on a speciality foundry manufacture of ferrous and nonferrous metals. In 1959 has graduated Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute (DMetI). By assignment of institute he worked at the closed enterprise in a post of foreman assistant, foreman, masters and senior engineer-technologist of foundry shop. Candidate of technical sciences (1972), senior scientific employee (1975), associate professor (1978). In 1975 Higher certifying commission has appropriated to him a status of senior scientific employee.

During 1966 – 1978 he worked in the research sector in DMetI engineer, Art. engineer and senior researcher, head of the research group of the Department. He teaches at the Department of foundry of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU) as an assistant (1962 – 1965), associate professor (1978 – 1999), professor (since 2000). Educational activity is aimed mainly at the special training of students casters. Main educational disciplines that teaches V. S. Savega: "Theoretical Foundations of mechanization and automation of foundry", "Technological equipment Foundry", "Technological equipment and automation of the foundry." Educational literature, prepared and published in NMetAU mainly relates to the study of the students Foundry equipment.

Since 2005, the school year V. S. Savega participates in the teaching of disciplines of a new specialty – "Artistic and jeweler casting". In particular, he teaches discipline, "casting art", "Theoretical foundations of art and jewelry casting precious, ferrous and non-ferrous metals", "Fundamentals of formation in the production of art and jewelry casting", "Features of casting precious, ferrous and non-ferrous metals" and "Methods processing and coating and restoration of artistic castings. " In 2015, a new specialty V. S. Savega, V. E. Hrychikov and M. O. Matveeva published a textbook "Artistic and jeweler casting". In addition in 2014 is prepared to print the book "Metal in the history of material culture." The authors of this fundamental work in 3 volumes are V. S. Savega, V. E. Hrychikov, A. V. Savega.

In recent years, V. S. Savega has been studying the history of the foundry industry, and in particular the history of the bell, art casting and casting jewelry. In 2000 he published a monograph on the history of bell-casting "evangelism. The history of the bells, bell casting, bronze bells and the bell." The book received good press and highly regarded professionals. Over 13 years on the revival of their old Slavic Technology held the casting bells for the churches of Ukraine. In addition, in recent years much attention to the development of modern methods of teaching for part-time and full-time education, the development of quality control material, the development of modern tests to evaluate students' professional training.

Key research areas V. S. Savegа was and remains experimental and theoretical study of the durability of high-alloy steels and cast irons, with respect to their use in metallurgy and heavy engineering. In particular, the development of new wear-resistant alloys for grinding bodies, armor, and other castings of the mining and cement industries. Research and development of bainitic cast iron for use in mechanical engineering. These problems have published over 130 scientific papers and developed 45 new types of alloys. Most scientific developments successfully implemented in many enterprises of Ukraine and Russia.

October 7, 2014 V. S. Savege the decision of the Academic Council awarded the title "Honorary Professor of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine".

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