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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Intellectual Property",
speciality: 073 - Management


Professional Master degree


ability to use knowledge, skills acquired during professional and practical research and training for research intellectual property system and solve practical problems in the field of intellectual property:

- professionally-oriented knowledge of the legal basis of intellectual property protection;
- knowledge of the mechanisms of the intellectual property rights acquisition;
- knowledge of the main approaches and methods for assessing the intellectual property rights and the mechanism of reflection of intangible assets movement in the business entities activity;
- knowledge of management functions and methods of making managerial decisions in the field of intellectual property;
- knowledge of the marketing research system in the field of intellectual property, performance of patent information search;
- knowledge of the methods and models of intellectual property commercialization
- professionally-oriented knowledge in the field of contractual relations regarding disposal of intellectual property rights and technology transfer;
- knowledge of the basics of innovation activity, etc.


Intellectual property (IP) is one of the most prestigious specialities of the XXI century. The significance and topicality of the IP is determined by such factors:

- the evergrowing meaningfulness of IP for economy development of any civilized country;

- evidently insufficient amount of IP specialists at the labour-market;

- aspiration of Ukraine to join the European economic community and the dynamic growth of international cooperation of Ukraine.

IP training in NMetAU allows specialists to be high-qualified and competitive in this field, which:

- ability to conduct a systematic analysis, economic analysis, description, calculation and classification of objects and processes in the field of intellectual property;

- possession of scientific methods, marketing (short-term patent, patent information) studies, evaluating patent licensing situation, analyzing the novelty and efficiency of the research object;

- ability to perform professional activities in all sectors of the economy, a generalized object of which is the intellectual property system of the subject of business entity (institution, enterprise, organization, institution).

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