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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

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Laskin Viktor Mikhaylovich

senior teacher



Phone : +38050-941-88-97

Room : М708

Victor M. Laskin graduated with honors from Tokmak Mechanical College with a degree in "diesel engine" in 1996. From 1992 to 2002 he worked at JSC "Yuzhdizelmash" Tokmak starting with mechanic toolmaker to head of production department office.

On the job he graduated from the National Metallurgical Academy in 2002 with a degree in "Mechanical Engineering", after which he entered the correspondence postgraduate study and became a lecturer at the department.

He has 11 scientific and methodical publications.

He currently holds the position of deputy head of the department for propaganda work and external relations department. It organizes student competitions and scientific conferences, is the leader of the project in Delcam NMetAU. Conducts training of specialists and bachelors. It carries out compliance assessment at the graduation design.

Teaching subjects:

"Theoretical bases of technology of production of parts and assembly machines"

"The technology of processing of standard parts and machine assembly"

"Technology of mechanical engineering (special sections)"

"Programming of CNC machines"

"Reference system of the automated designing of technological processes"

"Automatic Control Theory".

Directs course and diploma design.

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