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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

In the first issue of the international information technology magazine “Equipment Instrument” for 2019, an article was published dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the first in Ukraine technical education center HAAS.

   The leadership of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine represented by rector AG Velichko and vice-rector VI Shatokhi praised the cooperation with the «Abplanalp Ukraine», which is the regional representative of HAAS Automation Inc, the largest machine tool company in the world, and in gratitude, and also in honor of the tenth anniversary, decided to award the company Director General - NV Skripnik - with the medal "For Merit to the Academy." As part of the Industrial Forum, held at the end of November 2018, he was handed the honorary award from V.S. Grishin - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Engineering Technology and S.A. Abramov - head of the educational laboratories of the department.

   The cooperation of the Department of Machine Building with the company «Abplanalp Ukraine» continues. Thanks to the indifferent position of the head of the company and his personal support of all the undertakings of scientists and teachers of the department, the youth of the region have an excellent opportunity to receive the specialty of a process engineer, a developer of control programs for CNC machines, which is very popular in the world today.


Complete text of the article can be reached at: Article

Information 20.03.2019.

Department of Technology of Machine Building

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