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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Shyshko Yuliia photo

Shyshko Yuliia

candidate of technical science, assistant professor



Phone : +38 (056) 374-81-19

Room : 106а

The associate professor, candidate of engineering science, secretary of a study -methodical commission on a direction energetics, 1976 of birth. In 1998 has completed Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical academy of Ukraine on a speciality the engineer - thermal technic, has defended the candidate dissertation "Energy saving technology of reception of fuel gas from biomass and its incineration in furnace units".

Disciplines, which reads in NMetAU:

1. Energy technical system of the industrial operations.

2. Power system.

3. Theoretical bottoms thermal technics.

4. Thermal delivery of the operations and thermal networks.

5. Theoretical bottoms thermal technics.

6. Thermal delivery of the operations that thermal networks

Scientific interests:

Thermal processing of wastes of biomass.


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