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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Department of energy systems and energy management

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Department manager: Pinchuk Valeriya Aleksandrovna


Address Department of energy systems and energy management, National metallurgical academy of Ukraine, pr. Gagarina 4, 49600, Ukraine


Phone: тел. факс. (+38056)746 32 06

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The Department of energy systems and energy management of NMetAU - the birthplace of the  engineers and energy managers of the future

 The trend of recent years to ensure energy efficiency, creation of autonomous and decentralized heat supply systems, transition to renewable energy sources, introduction of energy management and auditing systems have formed a growing need for engineers in the specialty "Inustrial Power System".

The department of energy systems and energy management is a graduate and carries out training in the specialty 144 - “Power System” of educational qualification levels bachelor (4 years of study) and master (1.5 years of study) of full-time and part-time forms of education.

The department of energy systems and energy management focuses on the training of an educated engineer of the future with a rich set of skills and abilities capable of creatively solving engineering and scientific and technical problems in the context of constant technological and socio-economic development.

Distinctive features of training at the department of energy systems and energy management:

  • In 1-2 courses, students take a two-year basic engineering training program, which lays in future engineers a high-quality educational foundation due to in-depth training in fundamental disciplines and the development of additional competencies (Web-Design courses, TOEFL, advanced computer training with students in the specialty "Computer science");
  • From the 3rd course the training program takes a practical direction and involves an in-depth study of the specialty, participation in research, engineering and joint student projects;
  • From the 3rd course, specializations of student choice are available: «Energy Management», «Renewable Energy» and «Building Systems Engineering»;
  • Opportunity to study in one of the European universities - partners of NMetAU. Among them are: Technical University Bergakademie (Freiberg, Germany), Technical University Kosice (Kosice, Slovakia), Czestochowa Polytechnic University (Czestochowa, Poland), University of Zagreb (Zagreb, Croatia), as well as the possibility of internships and internships;
  • Highly qualified faculty (the main part of the department - 4 professors and 8 associate professors), the average age of teachers is 35-45 years;
  • The possibility of obtaining a certificate of the energy auditor at the Regional Center for Energy Management and Energy Audit, based on the basis of the department of energy systems and energy management.

Graduates of the undergraduate program on the results of entrance examinations are accepted to the magistracy in the specialty 144 - "Power System". For admission to the magistracy in the specialty 144 - "Power System" specialty in the bachelor's degree can be any.

At the department there are postgraduate and doctoral studies, the management of the scientific activity of applicants in the specialty 05.14.06 - Technical thermal physics and industrial heat-and-power engineering

Employment and career

Spheres of activity: Production, associated with the transfer, distribution, transformation, use of energy, energy flow management, development and manufacture of elements, devices and systems that implement these processes; research and design institutes, energy and engineering companies, government agencies, the utility sector.

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