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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Economics of Enterprise",
speciality: 076 - Entrepreneurship, trade and stock-taking activities


Bachelor, Magistr


Graduates of the department are qualified economists and managers, generalists with basic theoretical knowledge and significant practical skills



Training is carried out by two-step and three-step system. Educational qualification levels: 6.030504 - Bachelor, 7.050107 - specialists 8.050107 - magistr.

The main specialty is the specialty of the department 7.050107 "Banking". Young people who have completed training in this specialty, have professional knowledge on key issues of economic enterprises (firms). Emphasis is placed on various aspects of market management, pricing, marketing and management, economic analysis and planning, investment and innovation design, privatization and enterprise restructuring, evaluation of the quality and competitiveness of products, the rationale of economic efficiency of economic decisions.

In addition to these specialties, in the mid 90. The department began training in management of foreign economic activity (in conjunction with the Department of Management NMetAU.

Education in these fields is carried out by full-time and correspondence forms, as well as a special faculty NMetAU (for persons with higher education)


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