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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Svetlana Borisovna Dovbnya photo

Svetlana Borisovna Dovbnya

Department manager

doctor of economic sciences, professor



Phone : (+380562) 47-18-47

Room : Б-509

Svetlana Borisovna Dovbnya

A held position - a head of the department.

A scientific degree - Doctor of economic sciences.

A scientific rank - Professor.

Academician of the Academy of Economics of Ukraine


Pedagogical and scientific activity

Manages the department from 2005. Heads Dnepropetrovsk research scientific school of industrial production efficiency . Also is the head of education-methodic commission to direction "Economy of industry". Member of editorial college of the magazine "Metallurgical and mining industry" - section  "Economy and production management". Is a member of section of the Scientific council MЕS of the “Economy of industry” direction and is the member of the specialized scientific council D 08.080.01 in the National mountain university of MES Ukraine on conducting of defense of dissertations, receipt of scientific degree of doctor (candidate) of economic sciences. Is a Participant of regional and international scientific - methodical conferences.


Basic lecture courses:

"Economy of enterprise", "Finances", "Finances of enterprise",  "Strategic operation of business”, "Modern technologies and methods of operation of business”, "Prognostication and macroeconomic planning", "Restructuring and reorganization of enterprises", "Business-planning of enterprises", "Money and credit"


Basic directions of scientific researches:

- conceptual and methodical providing of  restructuring processes in industry;

- forming of the complex planning system of industrial enterprises activity ;

- ground of directions of increase of management efficiency by industrial enterprises (optimization of business-processes, improvement of organizational structures of management, introduction of the system of the budgetary planning);

- research of works potential of enterprise and efficiency of his use and development of the complex control system by a personnel;

- development of the methodical providing of the system of crisis management on an enterprise;

- estimation, analysis and prognostication financial - economic position of enterprise.


Scientific interests:

- restructuring of enterprises, development of enterprises strategy;

- improvement of organizational structures of management;

- motivation of personnel labor;

- financial management, including financial analysis;

- prognostication of the financial state of enterprise;

- improvement of the planning  system on enterprises, including business-planning;

- budgeting;

- estimation of investment attractiveness and solvency of enterprises.


Has more than 130 publications in leading scientific domestic and oversea editions, and also 4 monographs, including scientific monograph "Methodical bases and directions of restructuring of enterprises in industry"

Довбня С.Б. Методичні особливості комплексної оцінки фінансового стану та економічних результатів підприємства // Ефективна економіка. – 2015. - №3.


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