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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

The department of material science the name U.N.Taran-Zhovnir

Kutsova Valentyna Z. photo

Department manager: Kutsova Valentyna Z.


Address 4 Gagarin ave., Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, 49600


Phone: (056) 746-30-82

The Department of Materials Science the name Yu.M. Taran-Zhovnir was established in 1931 and  is a producing department  of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine (NMetAU) and prepares bachelors and masters in the specialty 132-Material Science

High level of training of specialists is confirmed by state accreditation of the specialty.

The educational process is conducted by 5 doctors of sciences and 8 candidates of sciences, including leading specialists in Ukraine in the area  of materials science and metal engineering.


Scientific work at the department is aimed at improving known materials, managing of their properties and creating qualitatively new materials.

Employees of the department have more than 100 patents and more than 1000 scientific publications, in the area of developing new materials with a unique properties. The best students are attracted to scientific research, the results of which are published in co-authorship with students.

Graduates-bachelors and masters of the department receive advanced  knowledge in the following professional fields:

-    the development of new principles for the creation of nanomaterials, materials with a specified complex of properties, including materials for exploitation in extreme conditions;

-    the development of new and improvement of existing methods of phase, structural and physicochemical analysis of materials;

-    determination of the mechanisms of the various physicochemical influences  on the materials structural state and the development on this basis of new principles and methods for their testing that ensure reliable prediction of the operability of structures$

-    expert  functions in material science in solving nonconformities in production and operation, in the system of law enforcement agencies and customs.


Learning to create the future together!


Contact telephones: (80562) 47-42-49; (8056) 3748-266. Kutsova Valentyna Zinovyevna, head of the department. Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

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