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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Speciality 136 - Metallurgy


Bachelor (4 years), Master (1.5 years)


The bachelor in metallurgy must be able to choose the technological scheme of preparation of raw materials and processing of the final product, to determine the types of basic technological equipment for specified conditions; be able to determine the list of technological operations of manufacture or processing of metal, based on the existing metallurgical equipment; be able to classify harmful factors by the type of origin, environmental impact, time of interaction with the environment and determine the main components of contamination; to be able to analyze the possibility of creating elementary or complex substances in metal solids and liquids, the structure and properties of metals and alloys in gaseous, liquid, solid states and plasma, the rate of diffusion processes and phase transformations.
Be able to perform: : design, technological, operational, research, inventive, control, economic, organizational, management production functions.


Ferrous metallurgy is the most influential sector of heavy industry, one of the main parts of the foundation of the entire national economy of the country. Practically there is no such enterprise that would not use to some extent the products of ferrous metallurgy, because ferrous metals are the main structural materials for the manufacture of tools and tools of production, the quantity and quality of which depends to a large extent on the level of development of the country's indastry, the pace and the scale of technical progress.

This is one of the leading, basic industries of the national economic complex. There are all conditions for its development in Ukraine : a huge, compactly located raw material base (iron, manganese ore, refractory, flux limestone, etc.); machine building (consumer); dense transport network; significant water, fuel (coking coal), labor resources. However, prospects for further development are seen in improving production, the introduction of modern technologies, improving product quality, etc.

The value of iron and steel industry for Ukraine's economy can not be underestimated. This is explained by the fact that ferrous metallurgy not only influences the development of all sectors of the economy of Ukraine without exception and is the basis for their formation, but it is also an important export-producing branch and largely determines the export potential of our country (more than 40% of Ukraine's exports to ferrous metallurgy products ) Given all this, there is no doubt that in the context of the economic crisis, ferrous metallurgy can act as a traction, which, having renewed, and may even increase its production potential, be able to "raise from the knees" the industry, and hence the economy of our country.

Ferrous metallurgy is a complex branch of industry, which includes manufacturing, different in organization and technology: mining and enrichment of iron and manganese ore, sintering of agglomerate or production of pellets, smelting of pig iron, steel and electric steel, production of non-ferrous metals, casting of steel, foundry production, rolling of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The Dnieper Metallurgical District was formed due to its geographical location - on a large waterway, at the intersection of transport routes. It is based on the huge reserves of iron ore Kryvorizhzhya (ore of the Kryvyi Rih iron ore basin) and coking coal from the Donbas. The main centers of extraction and enrichment of ore raw materials are Kryvy Rih, Manganets, Dniprorudne; the production of ferrous metals - Kryvy Rih, Zaporozhye, Dnipro, Kamianske; Rolled metal production - Nikopol, Dnipro, Novomoskovsk; production of electro-alloys - Nikopol.

For the development of the country's economy it is necessary for its industries to be competitive abroad, and the country could offer something to the foreign market. There are not many industries in Ukraine that allow you to compete in the international market. Metallurgy is one of them.

Ferrous metallurgy affects the development of all sectors of the national economy as the main consumer of fuel and electricity and water. It includes extraction, enrichment and agglomeration of iron, manganese and chromite ores, production of pig iron, steel, rolled metal, pipes, metiz, iron and manganese ore concentrates, electro-alloys, pellets, flux limestones, refractories, coke as the main type of fuel, ferroalloys , secondary processing of ferrous metals, etc.


Educational and professional program: Сorrosion protection of metals

Computer designing in metallurgical

Ferrous metallurgy

Steel metallurgy

Artistic, jewelry casting and computerization of forming processes

Management and engineering of production of ferrous metals

Metal Forming

Metal Forming (master)

Commercial support of metallurgical products (master)

Management and metallurgy of foundry

Industrial heat-transfer

Casting dental, precision and non-metallic materials

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