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Library Rules of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

Library rules of the Academy are designed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Libraries and Librarianship", approved by Parliament on 27 January 1995, "Model of the library institution of higher education in Ukraine", approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine № 155 of 30.04.98, and the "Regulationsabout the library NMetAU "from 04.11.2004 approved by the rector of the academy.
The right to use the library are: students, graduate students, faculty and staff departments of the Academy.

Outsiders readers are served only in the reading rooms

At home are not given: the literature from the funds of the reading rooms, rare and valuable editions, encyclopedias, and the only instances of high demand books, publications in electronic media, as well as thesis and dissertation abstracts, reports, research papers, abstracting journals and newspapers.
The librarian has the right to extend the use of literature at the request of the reader, if it does not demand from other readers.
When you visit the library presentation library card required.


I.Terms of Use library fund


1.The procedure for using the fund subscription of scientific literature:

1.1.The scientific literature is given to the faculty, academic staff and students for a period of one month to a maximum of 10 copies.Period using the literature of increased demand - up to 10 days in consultation with the staff of subscription.
1.2.During the day, you can order up to 5 copies.
1.3.Publication of the book storage of the reader gets an hour.
1.4.Ordered by readers literature preserved for 3 days.
1.5.To extend the use of the publication the reader must re-register it on subscription.


2.The procedure for using the fund lending of textbooks:

Academic literature is given for a semester or academic year in an amount corresponding to the curricula and programs.
Students must return all textbooks to the library no later than 1 June.
To extend the use of the publication the reader must re-register it on subscription.

3.The procedure for using the fund Reading Room:

3.1.To order publications the reader is obliged to verify their presence in the reader's library catalog and fill out the readers' demand for each book of the department of book storage.
3.2.At the same time you can order no more than 10 books, 20 periodicals.Publication of the book storage of the reader gets for 30-40 minutes.Ordered by readers literature remains one day.
3.3.To make literature out of the reading room is prohibited.

4.Terms of Use Facility Loan of fiction:

The reader subscription may be granted for a house not more than 3 publications for up to 30 days.

II.The order of entries in the library

1.Registration of students on the subscription textbooks is carried out with a photograph 3x4 and student ID.Teachers, graduate students and other workers Academy are registered on the subscription scientific and technical literature in the presence of 3x4 photos and identification officer, valid for a year.
2.Based on documents presented to the reader is given a library card for the right to use the library and a library filled form.
3.Library card is valid for the entire year.
4.If you lose your library card reader gets a copy (paying its cost) for a month after the announcement of his loss.
Loss of library card does not remove the responsibility for all the literature, the outstanding reader.

 III.Duties of the reader

1.The reader must annually from 1 January to 31 January to re-register on the subscription textbooks (for students) for the subscription of scientific literature (graduate students, faculty and staff departments of the Academy).When readers are required to submit re-registration for all the outstanding books him.
Readers who have not passed re-registration, the library is not maintained.
2.Upon receipt of literature the reader should carefully review it.A fault report them to the librarian, who is obliged to make relevant notes in the edition.
3.The responsibility for damaged books is the reader who last used it.
4.Readers who have damaged the library, shall bear administrative or criminal responsibility in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.
5.Readers who have lost books from the library, or caused them irreparable harm, must be replaced by the same or equivalent recognized by the library.If you can not change - to pay for their commercial value.
6.On summer vacation, students are obliged to return the library books and other materials received.
7.Readers who complete the academy are required for certification pay fully with the library to sign a bypass list for all the outlets of literature.
8.Readers must observe silence in the reading rooms and other departments of the library.
9.1.Send a library card to another person or use someone else's ticket, make changes or amendments that violate the norms of social behavior: the abuse of staff in the performance of official duties, to smoke indoors, visit the library in a drunken state.Individuals who do not comply with the rules of sanitation and personal hygiene in the library are not allowed.
9.2.For violations of these rules the reader may be deprived of the right to use the library for a period determined by the administration of the library.

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