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Based on Accounting and Audit Department of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine

on March, 30-31, 2020 will be conducted

the ІV All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference


A form of participation in the Conference is extra-mural (distance).

conditions for participation


Conference 2020

Dear colleagues!
We invite you to take part in the free annual scientific and practical conference "ACTUAL PROBLEMS OF SOCIO-ECONOMIC SYSTEMS IN THE CONDITIONS OF TRANSFORMATION ECONOMY" held by the Department of Finance of National Metallurgy of Ukraine.
Conditions for participation

Sincerely, the conference organizing committee

Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the work
International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference
date 04/10/2020

Congratulations to the winners of the 1st stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on the discipline "Finance"

1st place - Valeria Garmash  (FC-01-16);

               Anastasia Moroz (FC-01-16)

2nd place - Oksana Paltsun (FC-01-16);

                   Vitaliy Ladnyy (FC-01-16)

3rd place - Maria Smolyaga  (FC-01-17)

License to use KOMPAS-3D News icon

Dear employees and students of NMetAU!

We inform you that on February 18, 2020, at the Department of Metal Forming (, the license for the use of the 3D design system KOMPAS-3D by students and teachers was received.

We invite all interested employees and students of NMetAU to cooperate on the use of this software product. Let's develop the educational space of NMetAU students together.

KOMPAS-3D harmoniously joined already existing licensed software for engineers and scientists at the department: Microsoft Office 365 ( and QForm 9 (

Thanks to our colleagues from IT САПР ( for their help in obtaining a license and the desire for cooperation.

Cooperation with foreign and domestic partners in development of the internal quality assurance system of higher education at NMAU

On February 11th-14th, 2020, within the implementation of the Erasmus+ project "Implementation of Education Quality Assurance system via cooperation of University-Business-Government in HEIs" (EDUQAS) 586109-EPP-1-2017-1-RO-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP, the representatives of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), the Technical University “Bergakademie Freiberg” (Germany), the Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics, the Lviv Polytechnic National University, the Donetsk State University of Management and the Institute of Higher Education of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine have visited the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.


During the visit our guests have got acquainted with the internal quality assurance system of educational activity and quality of the higher education at NMAU that was significantly modernized during the active participation of our academy in this international project. Our partners performed the external assessment 2 out of 41 study programs offering for students at our academy: the Bachelor Program "Translation from the English Language" and the Master program "Metallurgical Processes for Production and Processing of Metals and Alloys".

The representatives of the NMAU, Prof. Oleg Potap, Assoc. Prof. Anton Ashkelyanetc, Assoc. Prof. Oleksandr Zhadanos and Assoc. Prof. Oksana Maksakova have presented the organizational structure of the internal quality assurance system of educational activities, main directions of collaboration with employers, informational-analytic system for the management of quality assurance processes and the system of questionnaire survey of students at NMAU.

Our partners, during the interview with teaching staff and students, have got the opportunity to learn the particularities of educational activities within the assessed study programs and to have got own impression about the quality of programs.

According to the agenda our guests have visited the leading industrial enterprises of our region: the plants of PJSC “Interpipe” and the design office of LLC “Danieli Heavy Machinery Engineering” where a significant number of NMAU graduates are employed. Our partners have noticed the effective and close cooperation with employers and the enhanced practical training of students that ensure the high professional competences of NMAU graduates.

The National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine expresses the sincere gratitude to our domestic and international partners for a valuable advices and exchange with experience in ensuring the quality of higher education. The received recommendations will be surely taken into account with further development of the internal quality assurance system of higher education at NMAU.


Scientific professional publications "System Technologies" and "Modern Problems of Metallurgy" are invited to publish! News icon

Scientific professional publications of NmetAU are invited to publish the results of scientific research.

"Modern problems of metallurgy"

System Technologies



For the attention of faculty, students and graduate students

Got access to Springer Link

The National Metallurgical Academy gained access to the full-text resources of the Springer Link portal, namely: Springer magazines 1997-2020 and 2017 Springer eBooks.

Payment of access for the state budget was provided by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine through the State Scientific and Technical Library of Ukraine.

Access to resources is carried out from all computers of the academy connected to the Internet.

We remind you that users also have access to the SCOPUS and Web of Science databases.

International Scientific and Technical Conference "Information Technologies in Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering" - ITMM 2020 News icon

Dear Colleagues, Organizing Committee of the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Information Technologies in Metallurgy and Mechanical Engineering" named by Professor Mikhalyov A.I. invites you to take part in the event, which will take place on March 17-19, 2020 at the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine.


According to the results of scientific activity in 2019 the best young scientists are:
1st place - Lina Kieush, Assistant Professor, Department of Metallurgical Fuels and Refractories (Faculty of Metallurgy);
2nd place - Tetiana Sharabura, Associate Professor, Department of Industrial Power Engineering (Faculty of Computer Systems, Energy and Automation);
3rd place - Maria Rybalchenko, Head of the Department of Production Process Automation (Faculty of Computer Systems, Energy and Automation).

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