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Media Holding Open Media Group during 25.05.2019-30.09.2019 p. held the contest "It’s smart to be fashionable."

Students of our academy took an active part in the competition:
         SHCHERBINA LILIA ANDREYEVNA student gr. EO 01-16, supervisor professor Shatokha V.I.;
            CHEBANOVA MARGARITA ALEXANDROVNA student gr. МН01-16, the head is Associate Professor Sinitsyna Y.P.

Media Holding Open Media Group thanks all the academic staff of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine for their participation!

ILounge company invites students to participate in the first IT grant to study in Ukraine.

The winner will be awarded a grant of 10,000 hryvnia for writing the best IT-related article.
Details of the competition at the link:


Громадянська панахида

Громадянська панахида по професору, завідувачу кафедри інформаційних технологій і систем НМетАУ
Михальову Олександру Іллічу
відбудеться 04.11.2019
корпус 1 НМетАУ (навпроти Сільпо)
з 10:00 до 12:00

On October 17, 2019, in the conference room of NMetAU, within the framework of the double diploma program (2D) for the 2020/2021 academic year, according to the agreement between NMetAU (Dnepr, Ukraine) and WSZOP (Katowice, Poland), a presentation of

2D program coordinators held a meeting with students of various faculties of NMetAU, provided information on the possibility of obtaining a double diploma in the following specialties: Strategic Enterprise Management (Management), Project Management (Project Management), Logistics in Management (Management) and Labor Safety in selected areas of the economy (management and production technology), spoke about the features and shared the experience of last year's project.

Blessed memory of the head of the ITS department, prof. Mikhalev Alexander Ilyich

31 жовтня 2019 року на 69-році життя раптово помер доктор технічних наук, професор, завідувач кафедри інформаційних технологій та систем, Лауреат Державної премії України в галузі науки і техніки

Михальов Олександр Ілліч

Колектив кафедри інформаційних технологій і систем висловлює глибоке співчуття рідним і близьким.

Вічна пам'ять про нашого друга, колегу, людину з великої літери Михальова Олександра Ілліча назавжди збережеться в наших серцях!

Колектив кафедри ІТС.

III International Conference

Innovative technologies in science and education. European experience

Amsterdam, Netherlands (November 12 - 14, 2019)

The acceptance of applications for participation (full-time, part-time) at the International Conference “Innovative Technologies in Science and Education. European experience. ” As part of the conference, its participants will be given the opportunity to pass an examination for knowledge of a foreign language (level B2, English). We invite you to participate!

More detailed information on the link

Презентація Студентського кейс-чемпіонату від компанії Метінвест

Всім доброго дня! Наближається сесійний тиждень, але не тільки навчанням наповнене життя студента. В п'ятницю, 11 жовтня цього року, на базі кафедрі ОМТ відбулась презентація Студентського кейс-чемпіонату у металургійній галузі від компанії Метінвест. Представники корпорації провели зустріч зі студентами різних факультетів НМетАУ, надали інформацію щодо цього чемпіонату, розповіли особливості та поділились досвідом минулорічного проекту. 

Competitions on the CNC Interpipe TechFest 2019

      On October 7-9 on the territory of the Upipe Training Center together with NTU "Dniprovska Polytechnica" master classes were held in preparation for the competition for work on CNC machine tools. The training was provided by the teacher of NTU "Dneprovskaya Polytechnic" Vitaliy Derbaba, employees of DITC "Contact" Oleg Chernov, Roman Kravtsov and Sergey Martynenko, an employee of the company Twist engineering Sergey Kulik. Students attended short courses in CNC machine tools and metal cutting tools, as well as software used in the competition. An excursion to the Interpipe plant and DITC "Contact" was also conducted. And on October 19-20, 2019, competitions on CNC machine tools were held in Dnipro within Interpipe TechFest 2019. Students solved theoretical problems and performed a practical task - they designed a control program for a CNC machine. The first place in the league of higher educational institutions was taken by the student of the group IM-01-14m Oleg Mitko (coach of the team of NMetAU senior lecturer of the department of TM Victor Laskin). The staff of the department congratulates the winner and wishes him creative success in performing and defending his master's work, and the practical use of the knowledge obtained during his studies at the academy in later life.








The next meeting of the club will be held on October 25 at 15.00 in room 324

What do you know about the Stock and Financial markets? What is it the compound interest? Could you to determine the stability of the bank?

 We have created the "Student Financial Club" at our Academy for those who are interested: “How does the financial and stock markets function?”

  The Ukrainian financial and stock markets are very different from the European ones. On the other hand the studying of the ways of development and state of the art of European stock and financial market may be very useful for Ukrainians.

  The main form of our activity is the organization of special seminars and teaching a short course for beginners "The ABC of stock market and on-line trading". The course was developed by A. Sadovsky with the support of the Ukrainian Exchange.

We cooperate with Ukrainian Stock Exchange and with the professional participants of Ukrainian stock market (brokers and investment companies and others).

 Now we have added to our financial literacy program a special course to study of the possibility of using bank loans and deposits in your Personal Finance.

  We are looking for foreign partners to create new Joint Financial Literacy Program with focus on the comparative study of the financial markets.

 Welcome to the "Student Financial Club"! r.333 т. (067) 893-39-45

Congratulations! News icon

The new Head of the Young Scientists Council of the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine has been elected Lina Kieush (Assistant Professor, PhD).

With a great pleasure, we wish you fruitful and successful work on this position!

The Young Scientists Council 


October 17, 2019 at 12-00

conference room NMetAU

within the framework of the implementation of the program of double diploma (2D) for the 2020/2021 academic year

NMetAU (Dnipro, Ukraine and WSZOP (Katowice, Poland)

A student meeting will be held with the coordinator of the program WSZOP

Masters of 1 year of study and all interested persons are invited

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