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Inventive activity

List of Patents obtained in 2020.

1. Patent UA№ 120714. Method of crankshaft forging manufacturing.

2. Patent UA №139757. Thermal energy storage.

3. Patent UA №139763. Method of melting stock loading into a blast-furnace.

4. Patent UA №120976. Apparatus for mandrel installing in cold pilger mills.

5. Patent UA №120977. Metallurgical container lining.

6. Patent UA № 120986. Drive for amill stand movement in cold pilger mills.

7. Patent UA №121059. Method of mill roller casting from compacted graphite iron.

8. Patent UA №121237. Complex for electrode thermoanthracite production.

9. Patent UA №121247. Method of mill roller casting from compacted graphite iron.

10. Patent UA №121413. Method of rare glass ceramic shell manufacturing for casting by consumable patterns.

11. Patent UA №121418. Cementation furnace for treatment of steel articles.

12. Patent UA №121429. Solid profile manufacturing technique from Al-Mg-Sc alloys.

13. Patent UA №121429. Solid profile manufacturing technique from Al-Mg-Sc alloys.

14. Patent UA № 142307. Apparatus forstatic friction force measurement of contact surfaces of bolted shear-resistant connection with one friction plane.

15. Patent UA №142540. Pipe extrusion billet.

16. Patent UA №121696. Taphole ramming machine with increased wear resistance and serviceability.

17. Patent UA №143022. Method of the tool steel heat treatment. 

18. Patent UA №143088. Determination method of reinforcing bar fatigue resistance.

19. Patent UA №143127. Mill stand in a cold pilger mill.

20. Patent UA №122000. Method of two-stepsecondary treatment of low-carbon steel.

21. Patent UA №143971. Machine for steel spheroidizing augmentation.

22. Patent UA №143981. Billet expanding mandrel.

23. Patent UA №144023. Cutting force measurement device.

24. Patent UA №144063. Tensile test method for cold-deformed rotary fasteners.

25. Patent UA № 144064. Blow-bending testmethod for rotary fasteners.

26. Patent UA № 144171. Proprietors: NMetAU (UA) end KarSIU (KZ). Method of pressing pipes made of hardtodeform metals.  Inventors:  Proidak Y. S. (UA), Medvedev M. I. (UA). Frolov Y. V. (UA), Bobukh A. S. (UA). Dairbekova G. S. (KZ). Zhaslan R. K. (KZ).

List of Patents obtained in 2019.

1.Patent UA№116150. Sample for impact bend test of rod threaded fasteners.

2. Patent UA №133054. Galvanizing electrolytes.

3. Patent UA №133080. Ore bunker for storing and loading melting stock into ablast-furnace.

4. Patent UA №133087. Feeding apparatus for pilger mills.

5. Patent UA №119112. Technique for regulating strip gage with roll eccentricity compensation.

6. Patent UA №119192. Mill stand in cold pilger mill.

7. Patent UA №134779. Reinforcing rolled products of 600 MPa strength grade with enhanced deformability.

8. Patent UA №134801. Deepened nozzle.

9. Patent UA №134802. Technique of determination of electrical properties of suspensions.

10. Patent UA №135230. Technique of quick trial load test of steel rod threaded fasteners.

11. Patent UA №136189. Technique of hot hollow billet division into specified lengths.

12. Patent UA №136190. Technique of pilger rolling of tubes in unstable inoculation regime.

13. Patent UA №136868. Technique of sintering mixture preparation for sintering.

14. Patent UA №120296. Technique of mill roller casting of compacted graphite iron.

15. Patent UA №120314. Mixture for heat insulation of metal mirrors.

16. Patent UA №120315. Multicomponent briquetted inoculant for steel treatment.

17. Patent UA №137693. Express control technique of steel rod threaded fastenersfor liability to brittle fracture.

18. Patent UA №137947. Production techniqueof cold-workedreinforcing rolled products of 600 MPastrength grade withenhanced deformability.

19. Patent UA №120401. Technique of fuel combustion in hot blast stoves.

20. Patent UA №120531. Technique of mill rollercastingofcompacted graphite iron.

21. Patent UA №120543. Wear-resistant cast iron.

22. Patent UA № 120544. Wear-resistant cast iron.

23. Patent UA №120548. Metal refining plant.

List of Patents obtained in 2018.

1. Patent UA №116150. Technique of large-sized roll-formed channel production.

2. Patent  UA №124206. Machine for double bell-and-hopper hardening.

3. Patent  UA №116688. Mill stand in the cold pilger mill.

4. Patent  UA №116725. Cast iron.  

5. Patent  UA №116726. Cast iron for mill rollers.

6. Patent  UA №124658. Electric calciner for carbonaceous material baking.

7. Patent  UA №124866. Pulp dehydrator.

8. Patent  UA №116858.  Agglomerate production technique.

9. Patent  UA №125275.  Furnace burden for ferronickel obtaining.

10. Patent  UA №125280. Electric calciner.

11. Patent  UA №116933. Electric calciner for carbonaceous material baking.

12. Patent  UA №116941. Production technique of trough-like rolled sections for car posts.

13. Patent  UA №125844. Preliminary evaluation method of metal workability for tube extrusion.

14. Patent  UA №126439.  Sludge thickening device.

15. Patent  UA №126453.  Refractory block for blowing of metals with gases.

16. Patent  UA № 117300. Slitting saw for large-sized rolled section (shaped sections and section bars) cutting on the rail and structural steel mill.

17. Patent  UA №126811. Technique of production of composite products with internal channels.

18. Patent  UA №127163. Tuyere head with cooler turbulence passive enhancement   elements.

19. Patent  UA №127367. Technique of aluminum casting alloy production from scrap.

20. Patent  UA №127532. Multiport cross-angular extrusion machine.

21. Patent  UA №127568. Aluminum alloy inoculation technique.

22. Patent  UA №127700. Electric calciner for carbonaceous material baking.

23. Patent  UA №127734. Machine for modeling shell front end spinning with rollers on the mandrel of the screw-cutting lathe.

24. Patent  UA №127735. Workpiece for deformation on the pilgrim mill.

25. Patent  UA №127842. Blast furnace air heater.

26. Patent  UA №128470. Hot tube wall thickness gauge.

27. Patent  UA №128471. Machine for modelling billet piercing on the press.

28. Patent  UA №117943. Method of control of mill stand roller gap in cold pilger mill and a device for its establishing.  

29. Patent  UA №117965. Contact rail rolling technique in mill stands of section mill.

30. Patent  UA №117977. Technique of U-300 channel beam production on the rail and structural steel mill.

31. Patent  UA №129039. Method of defect detection in electrically conducting       coatings.

32. Patent  UA №129078. Mill stand in cold pilger mill.

33. Patent  UA №129083. Technique of pipe manufacturing from difficult-to-form metals.

34. Patent  UA №129087. Commutator for electric machine. 

35. Patent  UA №118065. Method of mill roller eccentricity effect compensation on the strip gage.

36. Patent  UA №129583. Machine for agglomerate stabilization by size.

37. Patent  UA №129660. Ferronickel obtaining technique.

38. Patent  UA №129716. Torque multiplier wrench.

39. Patent  UA №129752. Hot pilger method for thin-walled tubes.

40. Patent  UA №129830. Mixture for carbon nanomaterial obtaining from renewable raw materials.

41. Patent  UA №118236. Technique of rolling of sheet metal with improved mechanical properties.

42. Patent  UA №118243. Method of mill roller casting from vermicular graphite iron.

43. Patent  UA №130341.  Machine for hollow ingot radial reducing modeling.

44. Patent  UA №130342. Method of shell front end preparation before rolling.

45. Patent  UA №130469. Technique of rod threaded fastener production.

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