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Inventive activity

List of Patents obtained in 2019.

1.Patent UA№116150. Sample for impact bend test of rod threaded fasteners.

2. Patent UA №133054. Galvanizing electrolytes.

3. Patent UA №133080. Ore bunker for storing and loading melting stock into ablast-furnace.

4. Patent UA №133087. Feeding apparatus for pilger mills.

5. Patent UA №119112. Technique for regulating strip gage with roll eccentricity compensation.

6. Patent UA №119192. Mill stand in cold pilger mill.

7. Patent UA №134779. Reinforcing rolled products of 600 MPa strength grade with enhanced deformability.

8. Patent UA №134801. Deepened nozzle.

9. Patent UA №134802. Technique of determination of electrical properties of suspensions.

10. Patent UA №135230. Technique of quick trial load test of steel rod threaded fasteners.

11. Patent UA №136189. Technique of hot hollow billet division into specified lengths.

12. Patent UA №136190. Technique of pilger rolling of tubes in unstable inoculation regime.

13. Patent UA №136868. Technique of sintering mixture preparation for sintering.

14. Patent UA №120296. Technique of mill roller casting of compacted graphite iron.

15. Patent UA №120314. Mixture for heat insulation of metal mirrors.

16. Patent UA №120315. Multicomponent briquetted inoculant for steel treatment.

17. Patent UA №137693. Express control technique of steel rod threaded fastenersfor liability to brittle fracture.

18. Patent UA №137947. Production techniqueof cold-workedreinforcing rolled products of 600 MPastrength grade withenhanced deformability.

19. Patent UA №120401. Technique of fuel combustion in hot blast stoves.

20. Patent UA №120531. Technique of mill rollercastingofcompacted graphite iron.

21. Patent UA №120543. Wear-resistant cast iron.

22. Patent UA № 120544. Wear-resistant cast iron.

23. Patent UA №120548. Metal refining plant.

List of Patents obtained in 2018.

1. Patent UA №116150. Technique of large-sized roll-formed channel production.

2. Patent  UA №124206. Machine for double bell-and-hopper hardening.

3. Patent  UA №116688. Mill stand in the cold pilger mill.

4. Patent  UA №116725. Cast iron.  

5. Patent  UA №116726. Cast iron for mill rollers.

6. Patent  UA №124658. Electric calciner for carbonaceous material baking.

7. Patent  UA №124866. Pulp dehydrator.

8. Patent  UA №116858.  Agglomerate production technique.

9. Patent  UA №125275.  Furnace burden for ferronickel obtaining.

10. Patent  UA №125280. Electric calciner.

11. Patent  UA №116933. Electric calciner for carbonaceous material baking.

12. Patent  UA №116941. Production technique of trough-like rolled sections for car posts.

13. Patent  UA №125844. Preliminary evaluation method of metal workability for tube extrusion.

14. Patent  UA №126439.  Sludge thickening device.

15. Patent  UA №126453.  Refractory block for blowing of metals with gases.

16. Patent  UA № 117300. Slitting saw for large-sized rolled section (shaped sections and section bars) cutting on the rail and structural steel mill.

17. Patent  UA №126811. Technique of production of composite products with internal channels.

18. Patent  UA №127163. Tuyere head with cooler turbulence passive enhancement   elements.

19. Patent  UA №127367. Technique of aluminum casting alloy production from scrap.

20. Patent  UA №127532. Multiport cross-angular extrusion machine.

21. Patent  UA №127568. Aluminum alloy inoculation technique.

22. Patent  UA №127700. Electric calciner for carbonaceous material baking.

23. Patent  UA №127734. Machine for modeling shell front end spinning with rollers on the mandrel of the screw-cutting lathe.

24. Patent  UA №127735. Workpiece for deformation on the pilgrim mill.

25. Patent  UA №127842. Blast furnace air heater.

26. Patent  UA №128470. Hot tube wall thickness gauge.

27. Patent  UA №128471. Machine for modelling billet piercing on the press.

28. Patent  UA №117943. Method of control of mill stand roller gap in cold pilger mill and a device for its establishing.  

29. Patent  UA №117965. Contact rail rolling technique in mill stands of section mill.

30. Patent  UA №117977. Technique of U-300 channel beam production on the rail and structural steel mill.

31. Patent  UA №129039. Method of defect detection in electrically conducting       coatings.

32. Patent  UA №129078. Mill stand in cold pilger mill.

33. Patent  UA №129083. Technique of pipe manufacturing from difficult-to-form metals.

34. Patent  UA №129087. Commutator for electric machine. 

35. Patent  UA №118065. Method of mill roller eccentricity effect compensation on the strip gage.

36. Patent  UA №129583. Machine for agglomerate stabilization by size.

37. Patent  UA №129660. Ferronickel obtaining technique.

38. Patent  UA №129716. Torque multiplier wrench.

39. Patent  UA №129752. Hot pilger method for thin-walled tubes.

40. Patent  UA №129830. Mixture for carbon nanomaterial obtaining from renewable raw materials.

41. Patent  UA №118236. Technique of rolling of sheet metal with improved mechanical properties.

42. Patent  UA №118243. Method of mill roller casting from vermicular graphite iron.

43. Patent  UA №130341.  Machine for hollow ingot radial reducing modeling.

44. Patent  UA №130342. Method of shell front end preparation before rolling.

45. Patent  UA №130469. Technique of rod threaded fastener production.

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