National metallurgical academy of Ukraine


Velichko Alexander G.

The Corresponding member of academy of sciences of Ukraine, doctor of engineering science, professor,winner of the State Premium of Ukraine in the field of a science and engineering. member of the Academy of Sciences of a Higher School of Ukraine, academician of Academy Engineer Science of Ukraine, honoured worker of national education of Ukraine (1999), awarded by the Order "For merits" of III , II, І rate. Graduated from Dnipropetrovsk metallurgical institute (1974, metallurgiсal engineer). The rector of National Metallurgical academy of Ukraine (2001 - present time). Main directions of scientific and scientific- pedagogical work: fundamental research in bases of steel production in converters, development of the practical recommendations on its improvement; introduction of relevant methods of management in educational process using information technologies. Has published 480 scientific works, including 50 inventions, 6 manuals, including "Внепечная обработка стали", "Бескоксовая металлургия железа", "Сталеплавильное производство", 3 monographies, including "Высоконадежное металлургическое оборудование в ресурсосберегающих технологиях". Under his management 5 candidate dissertations are protected.  Chairman of expert council on material authority both architecture of Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, member of section "Metallurgy" of committee under the State premiums in the field of a science and engineering.

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The first Vice-rector

Ivaschenko Valeriy P.

Doctor of engineering science, professor, winner of the State Premium of Ukraine in the field of a science and engineering, academician of Academy Engineer Science of Ukraine, member of the Academy of Sciences of a Higher School of Ukraine, honoured worker of national education of Ukraine. Graduated from Dnepropetrovsk metallurgical institute (1972, metallurgiсal engineer). The first pro-rector NMeTAU (2001 - present time). Main directions of scientific and scientific-pedagogical work: development of direct processes of non-coke reception of rare metal from palletized iron-ore material using subambient plasma. Has published 380 scientific works, including 35 inventions, manual "Бескоксовая металлургия железа", 24 monographies, including "Плазменные процессы прямого получения металла в шахтных печах", "Доменный процесс", "Прямое получение металла с применением низкотемпературной плазмы".

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Vice-rector on scientific work

Proydak Yuriy S.

Doctor of technical sciences, professor, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Honored Worker of Science and Technology. For personal contribution to the establishment, strengthening and development of the Dnieper Moldavian Republic was awarded the Medal of Honor. He graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute (1974,
  metallurgical engineer). Vice President for Research (2001 - present. Time),  vice-president of the Academy of Higher Education. The main directions of scientific and educational activities: the theory of processes modifying the metal structure and management of the formation of secondary phases,  thermodynamic and kinetic studies of crystallization processes in  elektropereplavnyh, physico-chemical and thermodynamic analysis of the solutions for the desulfurization slag wheel steel. Has published more than 250 scientific papers, including 25 patents of Ukraine and Russia, 4  monographs, 8 textbooks. Major works: "The regulation of sulfur-containing  inclusions in the modification of carbon steel chalcogenides," "The    electroslag remelting - effective technology for improving the quality of   the wheel and the bearing metal." Chairman of the Specialized Scientific   Council D.08.084.02 for doctoral and master's theses.

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Vice-кector for Research and Pedagogy

Volodymyr I. Shatokha

Doctor of engineering science, Professor. Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology. Holder of "Excellence in Education" award. Graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute (1982, metallurgical engineer). Vice-Rector for Research and Pedagogy (2001 till present). Main directions of research and pedagogical activity: heat and mass transfer in metallurgical processes, high-temperature properties of iron-ore materials; thermodynamic modelling of metal-slag interaction; solid fuel gasification; recycling of ferrous wastes, sustainable development. Has published over 180 research papers, 3 manuals, including "Sustainable development of iron and steel industry", "Protection of the environment in ironmaking". Editor of several international monographs including "Iron ores and Iron Oxide Materials" (Switzerland, 2018). Has prepared four candidates of engineering science (PhD). Visiting professor with The University of Tokyo (2013). Fellow of Erasmus+ Jean Monnet Modules programme with the "European Union Leadership in Climate Change Mitigation" module. Honorary Professor of the Inner-Mongolia University of Science and Technology (China). Associated Partner with the European Sustainable Development Network. Coordinator of several international projects including Erasmus+, Tempus, FP7 etc.

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Vice-rector for economics and business activities

Anatolii Vulykh

 From 1972 to 1974, after graduating the Metallurgical Institute with honours, worked at Kryvyi Rih Metallurgical Works (Kryvorizhstal). In 1974, was hired by Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute. In 1979, defended the thesis for a degree of a Candidate of Sciences. In 1980, was assigned for the position of an assistant professor at the Division of Mechanical Equipment of the Ferrous Metallurgical Plants. In 2000, was assigned a director of Metallurgical Plant named after Komintern (Kominmet). Was a project manager in developing and commissioning the tubes and pipes galvanizing automated line, which was put into operation in 2004, being the only line of this kind in Ukraine and CIS countries at that time. In 2006, launched into operation the electric-weld mill for pipes and hollowed sections with the sizes of 200x200 mm and 12.7 mm of thickness, the first in Ukraine line of this type. In 2012, was assigned the general director of Scientific Production Union of Dnipropetrovsk. Headed the work on development and commission of the metallurgical integrated plant which incorporated the Gas-Oxygen Refiner for production of high-alloy, stainless, heat-resistant steels and alloys, put into operation in 2015 and is currently the unique plant globe-wide. In 2004, was awarded the honourary title of Merited Metallurgist of Ukraine, in 2007 became the laureate of the State Prizes of Ukraine in Science and Technology, in 2008 was awarded the Ukrainian Order of Merit (Third Rank). Developed and published 1 book, 37 publications, gained 7 Certificates of Authorship for the inventions and 6 patents.

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