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Educational materials on disciplines "BJD" and "GZ"

1. Health and Safety in case of accidents with hazardous chemicals- PM MugsEV Lukin- Dnepropetrovsk, NMetAU, 2003. - 102str.

2. Safety in emergencies. VI Pencils, VE Machinists- Dnepropetrovsk, NMetAU- 100str(In Ukrainian).

3. Guidelines for the implementation of the settlement and graphic work on the discipline 'civil defense'. Subject: 'Evaluation of resistance to the action of an industrial facility air shock wave in the explosion of the gas-air mixture'. Compiled PM Mugs - Dnepropetrovsk, NMetAU, 2005. - 11str(In Ukrainian).

4. Guidelines for the implementation of the settlement and graphic work on the discipline 'Health and Safety'. Subject: 'Evaluation of the chemical environment in case of accidents with the release of unsafe chemicals', for students of all disciplinesWere as follows: VI Pencils, VN Garden- Dnepropetrovsk, NMetAU, 2006. - 45str(In Ukrainian).

5.Karandashev VI, Lukin EV driver VE Safety in everyday conditions of production and lifePart I. The habitat of man and the problem of its securityucheb.posobie.-Dnepropetrovsk: NMetAU, 2007.-45s.

6. Guidelines for the implementation of settlement and graphic work "Evaluation of the stability of the industrial facility to the effects of air shock wave in the explosion of the gas-air mixturediscipline "Health and Safety" for students of all disciplinesCompiled by Bielawski PG, Candidate of Military Sciencesdotsent.- Dnepropetrovsk: NMetAU, 2012. 19c(In Ukrainian).

7.Metodicheskie instructions to implement the settlement and graphic work "Evaluation of the chemical environment in case of accidents with the release of hazardous chemicalsin the discipline "Civil protection" for students of all disciplinesCompiled by Galkin OF,  s.teacher-DnepropetrovskNMetAU2012.-48c. (In Ukrainian)

8.Belyavsky PG Health and Safety. Part 2. Emergencies peacetime and their impact on the livelihoods of the population; Uch.posobie.-Dnepropetrovsk: NMetAU201348c.

9. The work program, guidelines and individual tasks to study the discipline "Civil protection" for students of all disciplinesDnipropetrovsk, NMetAU2014, 52 p. Compiled by VE Machinists OF Galkin.

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