National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

XVII International Industrial Forum

November 20-23, the XVII International Industrial Forum was held at the International Exhibition Center in Kiev.

Permanent participant of the forum is one of the leading companies in our country in metalworking DP "ABPLANALP Ukraine", which cooperates with our department since October 2008. Every year the company management invites to the forum staff and students of the department to get acquainted with the new modern CNC machines and equipment of the American company HAAS, cutting tools, equipment for processing sheet metal, coolant lubricants from the Swiss company Blaser Swisslube AG, etc. This year the forum was visited by the head of the department, Grishin Vladimir Sergeyevich and the head of the laboratory, Abramov Sergey Alekseevich.

The traditional meetings with representatives of machine-building enterprises with teachers of the departments of engineering technology in Ukraine were held at the exhibition site “ABLANALP”. In particular, it was very useful to discuss the issues of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on computerized processing on CNC machines in 2019 with teachers from the Kiev Polytechnic Institute. Galina Gornakova, the Editor-in-Chief of the International Information and Technical Journal “Equipment a Tool for Professionals”, held a discussion on the availability of world technical information in Ukrainian for students, and agreed to cooperate.

Important negotiations on the revitalization of the educational process at the department were held with the General Director of ABLANALP Ukraine N.V. Skripnik, who was one of the initiators of the creation at the department of the HAAS Technical Training Center (HTEC) in 2008. During this period, the Center conducted not only current classes with students, but also refresher courses for machine-building enterprises. Fruitful work N.V. Skripnik on the intensification of the educational process at the department marked by the leadership of the Academy - he was awarded the badge "For merits to the Academy." In the business atmosphere, in the presence of the staff of “ABlanalp Ukraine” and visitors to the forum, this sign was awarded to N.V. Skripnik head. Chair Grishin V.S.

Summing up the 10-year cooperation, ways were outlined to further improve the level of technical training at the department, in particular the signing of the Dual Education Treaty; timely updating of CNC machines; implementation of the Program for training operators and installers of CNC machines.




Department of Technology of Machine Building