National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

New copyright certificates have been obtained News icon

The lecturers of the Department of Economics and Entrepreneurship named after T.G.Ben`have obtained copyright registration certificates for the textbook "Analysis of economic activity" of Part 1,2,3 (compilers Svitlana Dovbnya, Tetyana Gulyk, Alla Kerbikova, Elizaveta Drofa) and the textbook "Sustainable development in industry" (compilers Olexandra Pysmenna, Olga Goncharuk, Oksana Malyuk, Alla Kerbikova). Congratulations to the authors!

Achievements in the Academy rating for 2019/2020 News icon

According to the results of the Academy rating of faculties, departments and teachers for 2019/2020 the Faculty of Economics and Management took the first place among the faculties, and our department took the third place among the graduating departments of the academy!

Congratulations to colleagues with new achievements, which are the result of professional and conscientious work!

Keep it up!

Organization of the educational process in a mixed form

Dear students!

Since 5.10.2020, the Academy is switching to a mixed form of training: consultations, classes and knowledge control in groups of up to 20 people will be conducted internal, for groups (streams) of more than 20 people, classes are conducted remotely.

For all disciplines of the department, regardless of the form of education (internal or remotly), teachers have created google-classes.

To access the classes, contact the teachers by email (see the Employees section) For students of EDS groups, information on the contacts of teachers in all readable disciplines is additionally posted in the Distance Learning section.


On June 4-05, 2020, the All-Ukrainian contest of qualification works for students of specialty "Business, trade and exchange activities" was held on the basis of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Trade of Odessa National Polytechnic University.

146 works from 54 universities from 24 cities of all regions of Ukraine were sent to the contest of diploma theses of the master's degree and 23 bachelor's theses.

The jury of 25 persons from of 18 universities (12 cities of Ukraine) has identified the survivors.

Congratulations to the winners-masters of our department and their supervisors:
Matyashchuk S. (EP 01-14 M). Diploma of III degree. The supervisor prof. Dovbnya S.B.
Bodnya D. (EP 01-14 M). Diploma in the nomination "For the forming of a holistic concept of the researched problem". The supervisor docent Gulik T.V.

Gayun E. (EP 901-13-M). Diploma in the nomination "For the presence of a meaningful discussion". The supervisor docent Pysmenna O.O.

Awards in the thesis competition! Congratulations to students and supervisors! News icon

The Allukrainian contest of diploma works of students of higher educational establishments was conducted on the base of the Kharkov National Auto-Road  University on April, 23, 2020 by the department of economy and enterprise .

Department of economy and entrepreneurship named after of T.G.Ben` congratulates winners!

The diploma of III of degree of Dushina A., supervisor professor Dovbnya S.B.

Certificate in a nomination "For grounded theoretical research" Shishkina N., supervisor docent Ігнашкіна Т.Б.

Certificate in a nomination "For evident presentation of results of research" Gorb Ye., supervisor docent Гулик Т.В.


Welcome masters of specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship, trade and exchange activity"

OPP "Economics and enterprise management" (gr. EP01-14-M)

and their supervisors with successful defense of qualifying graduation work!

We wish you continued success and hope!