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The history of department

Almost from the beginning of the Dnipropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute in its structure functioned Department of Industrial Economics (established as a division of Engineering and Economics faculty in 1935), which provided training of economists, the economic foundation for students' technical skills, methodical and scientific work.

In all my years of existence the Department of Industrial Economics National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine - NMetAU (Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute - DmetI, State Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine - DMetAU), it led only three managers - from 1935 to 1963 (with an interruption during World War II) - Candidate economic sciences, professor Joseph Solomonovich Kagan, from 1963 to 2005 p .- Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Taras G. Ben, and since 2005 - doctor of economic sciences, professor Svetlana Dovbnya.

The first issue of engineers and economists had held in 1938 in the prewar period, has increased the contingent of students, worked out the curriculum. Although in this period worked at the Department of 8 people, in addition to her educational and methodological work carried out research.

Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, large enterprises, organizations, schools were evacuated in eastern areas. Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute was evacuated to Magnitogorsk, where most of the staff of the Institute, including teachers of the department of industrial economy has worked in the Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute.

Since the restoration of the institute since the war began training for engineers and economists specializing in Economics, organization and planning of Steel, who received the appointment of enterprises and organizations not only in Ukraine but also of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan , Moldova, Belarus, Latvia and other regions and countries. A set of scientific work carried out to determine the economic efficiency of the enrichment of iron ore of Krivoy Rog and the Kerch deposits, pricing in the mining industry, the justification of depreciation rates for metallurgical equipment, cost-effectiveness of rolled, improvement and validation system economic calculation of metallurgical enterprises.

Since the mid 60-ies, the department carried out considerable work on the analysis and improvement of educational, methodical, scientific, educational, and social work. Sharply increased demand for economic research, the development of systems analysis, planning, incentives, regulatory, methodical provisions and instructions on various issues of economic work.

The Department actively participated in the annual coordination meetings, in accordance with the focal plan is the research task. Minchermetom Ukraine as part of the department was established research laboratory the effectiveness of key production assets of the steel industry. Much was done to expand the specialties, increase strength and improve the training of engineers and economists.

At the initiative of the department in 1966 had opened a new specialty in mechanized processing of economic information "(hereinafter it is called the" Economic Informatics and ACS, and in modern times - "Economic Cybernetics"). In 1969. Created a separate department of mechanical profiling processing of economic information.

Since the early 70-ies at the institute and the department carried out extensive work to improve the educational process in the areas of training of generalists, strengthening basic training in economic and mathematical disciplines, practical training, to ensure continuous economic, mathematical, computer, environmental training, combining academic process and the research work of students.

The positive impact on the quality of the educational process has development and implementation of the department of active teaching methods: problem lectures, production problems, simulation, business games, etc. Great attention was paid to the research work of students, its links with the educational process.

With the passage of time changed the name of the specialty: "Economics, organization and planning of the Steel Industry," Economics and Management in Industry ". In 1995-1996 academic year at the department are trained in "Economy Enterprise".

Department of Industrial Economics has always paid great attention to exchange experiences and establish scientific and business contacts among colleagues - scientists and practitioners. In early 1966, the department jointly with the Department of Political Economy held in DMetI economic conference on the transition of the steel industry to a new system of planning and economic incentives. Also held an economic seminar for directors of metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. Continuing this tradition in the market conditions of farming, in 2006 the department was organized and held All-Ukrainian scientific-practical conference "Investment and innovation processes in industry."

Availability of highly skilled team of scientific and pedagogical staff of the Department (now the department has about 25 teachers, including 2 Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, 10 associate professors), improving the content and methodology of the educational process with the current requirements of the educational literature, methodological development, computer technology, guarantee a high level of training of economists and economic education of graduates from all technical disciplines of the Academy.

Long history and glorious traditions of the department of economics of industry are a guarantee of its promising future.

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