National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

educational and professional program "Steel metallurgy",
speciality: 136 - Metallurgy


bachelor (136)


Metallurgy of steel;

Technologies and equipment for metallurgical production


The licensed volume of reception of students on a 1 course is a 1 group - 25 persons and on 3 course the graduating students of technical schools  are accepted. Besides this, a department carries out training of personnel of higher qualification(candidates, doctors of sciences) through post-graduating and doctoring, and also provides mastering  training and retraining of pedagogical, technical and engineering personell, including, through the State institute of mastering  training and retraining  of leading personell and specialists of mining-metallurgical  industry of Ukraine.

Preparation of specialists on steel metallurgy first in Ukraine began in Ekaterinoslavsk mining  school in 1899 at the department of metallurgy. In 1925 preparation of steels-workers is conducted on the separate department of steel metallurgy.

Since 1993 a department conducts preparation of specialists of educational-qualification level of bachelor, specialist and master's degree of direction of preparation "Metallurgy" on speciality "Metallurgy of ferrous metals", specialization "Steel Metallurgy ". Since 2004 the department carries out  preparation  on specialization "Metallurgical audit", and since 2006 "Management in metallurgy".

On a department post-graduating and doctoring works on preparation of candidates and doctors of sciences on speciality "Metallurgy of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and special alloys".

The annual request of enterprises of city and Ukraine for the graduating students of department makes 40 persons. The graduating students of department work on Plc. "Petrovsky plant", Plc. "Nizhnedneprovsk tube-rolling plant", Plc. "Alchevsk metallurgical enterprise, Plc. "Azovsteel",Plc. "Zaporozhsteel" and other most powerful metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. Many our graduating students work on the leading metallurgical enterprises of Russia : Plc. "Seversteel",Plc. “’Nornikel" and others and make a career from the chiefs of workshops to the director generals.

The best graduating students of department go to the scientific work to the  Institute of ferrous metallurgy of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine; Plc. "Interpipe", research institutes on automation and mechanization of metallurgical production and, certainly, on a native department.

A department has scientific and educational connections with foreign departments and institutes : Technical university "Moscow steel and  alloys institute "(RUSSIAN FEDERATION), Siberian state industrial university(RUSSIAN FEDERATION), Technіsche unіversіtat Bergakademіa Freіberg(Germany), Technіka Unіversіta Ostrava(Czech Republic), Technіcal Unіversіty(Slovakia), КТН Aplіed Process Mettalurgy(Sweden). Annually the best students pass practice and internship in these higher educational establishments.

A department is proud of the best graduating students: by a rector NMetAU full prof. Velichko A.G.., department managers of steel metallurgy. Full prof. Boichenko B.M.,full prof.Ohotsky V.B. and others, the scientific works  are known not only in  Ukraine, but also  in many countries of the world.

Now 5 professors, doctors of sciences, 5 associate professors, candidates of sciences, work on a department.

Ukraine occupies the seventh place in the world on a steelmaking and fifth - on volume of its  export that brings to the state 40% of currency receiving.

Choosing the department of steel metallurgy, you will have the opportunity to become familiar with these and future performing!