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Greeting inventors!

Congratulations to the inventors  academy - Proidak Y. S., Medvedev M. I., Frolov Y. V., Bobukh A. S. and colleagues from Karaganda Industrial University to obtain Patent  Republic of Kazakhstan №5429 «Method of pressing pipes made of hard-to-deform metals».

We wish you   further creative success and new achievements in inventive work,  strong health, well-being and a peaceful sky over your heads.

Oleksandr Ivchenko, the Head of the Patent and License Department.

The seminar-training from Festo Ukraine: “Industry 4.0 on modern enterprises. Basics, key elements and practical application”

The seminar-training from Festo Ukraine:“Industry 4.0 on modern enterprises. Basics, key elements and practical application” took a place at the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine in the period from October 01 to October 02, 2020.

The seminar-training was focused on the basic insights on Industry 4.0 and the impact of the rapidly developing Industry 4.0 technologies on the content of study programmes and teaching techniques at HEIs. Besides the fundamental and theoretical aspects of Industry 4.0 participants of the seminar-training has got the possibility to learn and to practice some Industry 4.0 technologies on the real equipment that was brought by Festo for this training.

After the 2 full days of training on the premises of NMAU the participants of the seminar will continue to learn the recommended web-resources and other materials.

12 academic staff members from following departmentstook part in the seminar-training at NMAU:

  • Department of Technology of Machine Building;
  • Department Automation of production processes;
  • Theories of metallurgical processes and chemistry department;
  • Department of electrometallurgy;
  • Department of metallurgical production machines and units;
  • Department of the electrical engineering and electromechanics;
  • Applied mechanics department

took part in the seminar-training at NMAU.


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Congratulations on the Inventor's Day!

On the eve of the Inventor’s and Innovator’s Day (that this year falls on September 19), we would like to announce the best indicators on the number of obtained patents and applications over the last twelve months.The indicators among the Academy departments:- The Department of Foundry Production (9 patents);- The Department of Heat Treatment of Metals (6 patents and 5 patent applications);- The Department of Metal Forming (5 patents and 4 patent applications).The indicators among the staff of the academy:professor Ivanova L.H. (7 patents); senior staff scientist Ivchenko O.V. (5 patents and patent 4 applications); assistant professorPerchun G. I.(5 patents and patent 3 applications); professor FrolovYa.V. (4 patents and 4 patent applications); professorMedvediev M.I. (3 patents and 4 patent applications); professor ProidakYu.S. (3 patents and 3 patent    applications); assistant professorRaber L.M. (3 patents and 3 patent applications).

During the eight-month period of 2020, the total number of patent applications is 15, and the number of obtained patents is 26, which exceeds similar indicators of the previous period, despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19 quarantine. Moreover, as part of the current Memorandum of Cooperation with the counterparts from        KaragandaSIU, the members of the Department of Metal Forming applied for a patent to Ukrainian and Kazakh patent offices and received a Patent UA 144171 as well as a decision to grant a Patent KZ.

In addition, the Academy submitted nine patents for the all-Ukrainian competition “Invention of the Year, 2020” on four topics, and they were awarded diplomas.

Sincere congratulations to all scientists on the Inventor's Day! We wish you further creative success and new achievements in inventive work, wealth and strong health, well-being and a peaceful sky over your heads.

OleksandrIvchenko, the Head of the Patent and License Department.


According to the order of the rector of the academy № 59ag from 28.08.2020 the following terms of the beginning of 2020/2021 academic year are established: from 01.09.2020 - 4th year of bachelor's degree and 2nd year of master's degree; from 14.09.2020 - 1, 2 and 3 bachelor's courses and 1 master's course.

In Dnipro, 25 military personnel were successfully released on-line within the framework of a professional retraining and social adaptation of military personnel, veterans and members of their families News icon

On July 8, 2020, the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine successfully graduated 25 students of the spring semester of the project "Norway-Ukraine" Since 2017, the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine has been training and graduating students (already 133 people) in the specialty "Energy Management". The executors of the main part of the project are educational institutions of Ukraine and the Norwegian University NORD, which organize and carry out professional retraining of project participants in selected specialties in the amount of 500 academic hours. During social adaptation, project participants receive assistance in legal and psychological adaptation, as well as assistance in employment and starting their own business. After the introduction of quarantine in the country, the new spring semester 2020 became a new challenge for the project. learning opportunities. And, importantly, the effectiveness of the project for students not only did not decrease, but even increased in a sense.
In parallel with the basic training, the project focuses on lectures on psychological adaptation and business counseling, online practice with representatives of relevant companies. Each participant is consulted on writing a resume, individual development plan, writing business plans, passing an interview and orientation in the labor market. Why it is so important for us and the listeners - because one of the most significant results of the project is the successful employment of our participants or starting your own business. The National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine invites all interested servicemen to study and social adaptation within the framework of the Norway-Ukraine project for the new semester in September 2020.
For additional information on enrolling in the course - call tel. 098 1169225.

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