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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Technology of environmental protection",
speciality: 183 - Environmental protection technologies


Bachelor (training for 4 years), master (training for 2 years)


    Training of environmental technology specialists who possess a complex of knowledge, skills and abilities in the field of research, calculation, design, assessment of the risks and risks of technological processes and technical systems used for environmental protection, and capable of solving specialized tasks and practical problems in this area. Ensure that students acquire the competences they need to continue their education and professional activities.


Звуковая функция ограничена 200 символами


    Training of specialists for engineering and organizational and management activities in the field of environmental protection with an emphasis on technology and equipment for environmental protection, which involves certain employment and the possibility of further education and career development.

    Professional activity in the fields of technogenic-ecological safety and environmental protection, engineering and technological activities at industrial enterprises and project facilities, environmental protection organizations of state authorities and inspection activities on man-made and environmental monitoring.

    Can occupy primary positions provided by the National Classifier of Professions (DK 003: 2010) 3111 - specialist in non-traditional types of energy; 3111 - specialist in energy saving management in buildings; 3117 - technical specialists in the field of extractive industry and metallurgy; 3449 - State Inspector of Energy Supervision of the regimes of consumption of electric and thermal energy; 2149.2 - engineer-technologist; 2149.2 - Engineer for technogenic and ecological safety; 2149.2 - Environmental engineer; 2411.2 - Environmental auditor; 3211 - Environmental technician; 3439 - State Inspectorate for Technological and Environmental Supervision; 3449 - State Inspectorate for Civil Protection and Technological Security, etc.

Звуковая функция ограничена 200 символами

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