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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Specialization "Ecology",
speciality: 101 - Ecology


Bachelor (training for 4 years), master (training for 2 years)


    Training of specialists who possess a complex of knowledge, skills and abilities for use in professional activities in the field of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable use of natural resources and capable of solving scientific problems and issues related to reducing the level of anthropogenic impact on the natural environment, solving specialized problems and solving practical problems. environmental problems that are characterized by complexity and uncertainty of the environment. Ensure that students acquire the competences they need to continue their education and professional activities.


     One of the major trends in today's Ukraine is the greening of life of the population and the production of the country.Priorities include elimination and reduction of emissions in the production environment pollutants and toxic substances, environmental safety products consumer market, the actions called for a national program of environmental management and the transition to environmentally sound human life.
In Ukraine, as in other countries, the vast majority of enterprises today need to provide environmental support, which includes a wide range of engineering activities, methods and ways to implement them.This sets the direction of training.
Due to the perceived need in the scientific and technological progress and the devastating effects of human impact was the specialty "Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Natural Resources."

     The curriculum develops the prospects of obtaining in-depth knowledge of ecology, environmental protection and sustainable use of the environment and is carried out in an active research environment.

Graduates can occupy jobs in the environmental management system at the state, oblast and district levels; can be involved in institutes and design organizations when developing sections of the environmental protection of various projects; engage in entrepreneurship in the environmental field. This may be the utilization of various household and industrial waste, energy saving, etc.

Can occupy primary positions provided by the National Classifier of Professions (DK 003: 2010) 2148.2 - Specialist in geosystem monitoring of the environment; 2149.1 - Scientific staff (other branches of engineering); 2149.2 - Research Engineer; 2149.2 - engineer-technologist; 2149.2 - Engineer for technogenic and ecological safety; 2149.2 - Environmental engineer; 2211.2 - Ecologist; 2211.2 - Expert in ecology; 2213.2 - Specialist in environmental education; 2310 - Teachers of Universities and Higher Educational Institutions; 2351.2 - other professionals in the field of teaching methods; 2359.1 - other research staff in the field of education; 2359.2 - other professionals in the field of education; 2411.2 - Environmental auditor; 2419.2 - Specialist in economic modeling of ecological systems; 3211 - Environmental technician; 3439 - State Inspectorate for Technological and Environmental Supervision; 3449 - State Inspectorate for Civil Protection and Technological Security, etc.

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