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Gasik Michail

Department manager

Academician, doctor of engineering's sciences, professor



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Room : 6

Gasik Michail was born on June, 30th, 1929 in village Semenovka of the Zaporozhye region. An outstanding scientist-metallurgist. Dr.Sci.Tech. (1969) professor (1971), academician National Academy of sciences of Ukraine (1990), the Honored worker of a science and technics of Ukraine (1999), a foreign member of the Russian Academy of sciences (2004), a foreign member of the Georgian Academy of sciences (2005), the honorary member of the Academy of sciences of republic Kazakhstan (2006). The assistant to chapter Priedneprovsk centre of science of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and a science of Ukraine with 1985.

The winner of State premium USSR (1977), premiums of Ministerial council of the USSR (1990), premiums of a name of E.O.Paton of the National Academy of sciences of Ukraine (1995), the State premiums of Ukraine (1998, 2004), premiums of a name National Academy of sciences High school of Ukraine (2002), premiums of a name of Z.I. Nekrasov National Academy of sciences of Ukraine (2006.) Rewarded the Certificate of honour of Presidium of Supreme body USSR (1977). For outstanding scientific achievements has received Soros's Grant (1996).

Studied in Dnipropetrovs’k metallurgical institute (nowadays National metallurgical academy of Ukraine) (1949-1954). The Engineer-metallurgist on specialization " Electrometallurgy of steel and ferroalloys ". Works in НМеtАU with 1954. During work in institute borrowed posts: the younger scientific employee (1954-1957), the post-graduate student (1958-1961), the assistant, the senior lecturer (1961-1971), the professor (with 1971), managing faculty of electrometallurgy with 1973 on present time, the dean of electrometallurgical faculty in combination (1973-1986). Was a member of section of metallurgy of Committee under Lenin and State premiums of the USSR, Advisory council of the High certifying commission of the USSR on metallurgy and metallurgical science (1978), Problem commission " Ferrous metallurgy of the USSR ", Scientific advice on problems of scientific and technical and social and economic forecasting at Presidium of the Academy of sciences of the USSR, specialized advice on licensing and accreditation of high schools of a mountain-metallurgical direction, the chapter of the methodical commission on a specialty 1101 " Metallurgy of ferrous metals ", the assistant to the head of the scientifically-methodical commission in a direction "Metallurgy" of the Ministry of Education and a science of Ukraine, a member of a bureau of Branch of physicotechnical problems of materiology of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine (1992-1994), advisory council of the High certifying commission of Ukraine on metallurgy and metallurgical science (1994-1997), Presidium High certifying commission of Ukraine (1996 - 1998), Committee from the State premiums of Ukraine (1999 - 2004).

The basic directions of scientific and scientific and pedagogical activity such: basic researches of problems of physico-chemistry of high-temperature processes of interaction in metal and oxides systems on the basis of manganese, silicon, chrome, aluminium; development and introduction in the industry of effective technologies of refinement of alloys in a firm and liquid condition; melt of steel for atomic engineering, the oil-and-gas industry, transport mechanical engineering; development of theoretical positions and technologies of electrometallurgy of steel, ferroalloys, electrotherm of nonferrous metals; and also electrotherm of inorganic, abrasive and superfirm materials (electrocorundums, SiC, B4C, BN) and "know-how" a coal of graphite materials. Amount of scientific works - from above 420, including 21 scientific monography; 5 textbooks for high schools, 205 copyright certificates, 12 patents of technically developed states. Has trained 43 and 12, including for scientific institutes of Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. On June, 30th, 2004 M.I. Gasik rewarded an award " For merits of 3 degrees ".

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