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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

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Abramov Sergey

candidate of technical science, laboratory chief



Phone : 050-91-41-707

Room : М706

Sergey Abramov graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Engineering College venture in 1995 with a degree "Establishment and operation of electrical systems in automated manufacturing PU." From 1997 to 2010 he worked at enterprises of the city.
From 2010 to 2012 - Engineer Designer laboratory research and experiential design work Dnepropetrovsk aggregate plant.
Job ended in 2012, the National Metallurgical Academy of Ukraine and received higher education in the specialty "Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive", and qualification of specialist electromechanical automation systems and electric drive.
In NMetAU works from 2012. Proved to be a highly qualified specialist in engineering. For a short time it was created five scientific laboratories and training centers. Experience professional - producer and knowledge of English contributed to the success of training in DELCAM (UK), and participate in international conferences both in Ukraine and abroad.
Has 14 scientific works. Of these, 3 educational-methodical and 11 scientific articles and reports in professional journals. Successfully conducting research. Active organizer of permanent workshops and master classes for advanced technology metalworking.

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