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Large given to a student at the Faculty of Science and co-operation with foreign institutions and companies. The photo shows vstecha a professor at the Technical Universtiteta "Frayberskaya Mining Academy (Germany), Mr. Jurgen Basti. The meeting was held within the scientific and technical exchange with one of the best students of Mechanical Dmitry Salia-based educational service center leading firms in CNC machines "HAAS".

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The faculty maintains close contact with graduates of previous years, which are always with warmth and respect for the recall of their mentors.

The photo shows a meeting with the teachers of the faculty graduates flux МЗ-78, a successful professional activities which in most cases is inextricably linked with the high level of knowledge obtained in NMetAU.

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On the basis of the faculty completed the program of cooperation with the well-known corporation for the production of metallurgical equipment Danieli (Italy) with a view to training a European level. In the photo, students, mechanics when discussing new developments in the field of rolling equipment alumni groups Msg-04.


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