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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

The basic directions of scientific activity

The basic directions of scientific activity of the departament:

- development of new blast devices and checking and management systems the converter melting and out-of-furnace steel treatment (leader is a doc.of technical sciences, full prof.A.G. Velichko);

- creation of flexible and optimal technologies of converter steelmaking(doc.of technical sciences, full prof. B.M.Boichenko);

- design, algorithmization, theory of steel-smelting processes(doc.of technical sciences, full prof. V.B.Ohotsky);

- creation of models of high-proof lining-up of steel-smelting aggregates(doc.of technical sciences, full prof. B.M.Boichenko);

- development of physical and chemical models of direct(non coking ) receiving of cast-iron and steel(candidate.of technical sciences, full prof Y.S.Paniotov);-

- perfection of martin production and processes of steel  teeming in ingots (candidate.of technical sciences,associated prof. A.P.Chuvanov);

- affinage, retrofitting and microalloying of iron-carbon fusions renewal of scarce for Ukraine elements directly in depth  of metal(doc.of technical sciences, associated prof. K.G.Niziaev);

- Development of technology of steel affinage  with powdery reagents(candidate.of technical sciences,associated prof. A.N.Stoyanov);

- Development and perfection of technology and equipment of continuous teeming  of metals and alloys(candidate.of technical sciences,associated prof. V.G.Gerasimenko).

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