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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Suggestions of SRW the faculty of metallurgy of steel

I. Innovative works

1. "Out-of-furnace desulphurizing of cast-iron and steel by alkali-earth  elements that are  recovered under the layer  of liquid metal in a  zone of the submerged voltaic arc"

2. "Desulphurizing of iron-carbon fusions in a ladle  magnesite by containing preforms"

3. "Development of the system of radiuses of the non-polarized ions for the analysis of electronic structure and properties of steel-smelting substances and development of ways of influence on speed of flowing of cooperations on borders liquid-hard-gas phases".     

ІІ. Perspective works

1. "Preparation of steel-smelting slags with the purpose of their use in composition blast smelting charge"

2. "SHS refractories for a steel-smelting production"

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