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National metallurgical academy of Ukraine

Main scientific directions


 Theoretical concepts of modern technologies of cast iron production and metallurgical raw material scraping

 The theory of metallurgical processes

 Theoretical and applied metallurgy

 The theory and practice of steel metallurgy

 Highly effective processes of powder metallurgy and corrosion protection of metals

 The theory and technology of electrometallurgical production

 Metallurgy of steels and alloys of special purpose

 The theory and practice of foundry production

 Metallurgical heat engineering and thermophysics, industrial thermal power engineering

 Theory and technology of metal processing by pressure

 Thermal and deformation-thermal treatment of steels

 Technology of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

 Information technology in economics, science and education

 Economics of industry and production management

 Ecology and energy saving.

 Problems of Civil Society Formation and Social Philosophy

 Development of scientific potential of higher education, scientific, scientific-methodical, material and technical and information support of the education system

 Conducting certified methods of research of chemical composition, metallurgical assessment of raw materials, metallography, structural analysis and mechanical properties of materials.

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Main scientific directions

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